everything, everything. everything is temporary. and I don’t want to waste my time worrying because everything is so, so temporary. If I move in with my boyfriend and we break up, I will move out. if I go to school for my ideal program and hate it, I’ll drop out and find something else. If I have to scrape together the money to go backpacking through Europe I’ll do it because is rather do it now than wait and have kids and have to wait even more. Everything is so fucking temporary I want to do what ever I want cause my life’s temporary.

I told my boyfriend that one day I’m gonna get a cliche tattoo on my butt and he said he’d support it and he bought a jar of Nutella and a carton of peanut butter& chocolate ice cream just for when I visit that he doesn’t let his roommates touch so basically what I’m trying to say is sweet baby Jesus this is true love.